Oh my Posh! It’s so great that you are interested in learning more about me and our brand. I’ll start with a few key factors of who I really am.

I am the proud mommy of a wee baby named Oliver, whom entered this world on March 23rd. He is a beatiful little man and the sole drive that keeps me going in all my glory!

I am attending a fantastic school of Cosmetology earning my license to be a fully certified beautician. I have only just started, so my journey is yet a long one.

I am to be married in August. Unless I am already married as you are reading this and just seriously failed at updating this page. Should this be the case, I apologize! Married life, what can I say? 😉

Now, the biggest identifier that you will probably associate me with… POSH!!! I absolutely adore Perfectly Posh; eat,  sleep, breathe Posh! Even as a brand new mommy, there is ALWAYS time for a pampering sesh. And I am so very excited to share my incredible experience with you! Find the “What is Posh?” blog post on my website for more information on our brand and how to get in on the fun ❤

Thanks for visiting! Much love,

Leanna Mae